Clergy in the Lindisfarne Community

The Rt. Rev. Abbess Jane Hall Fitz-Gibbon, PhD, LC, Ithaca NY

The Rt. Rev. Abbot Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, PhD, LC, Ithaca, NY

The Rev. John Finn, MS, LC, Ithaca, NY

The Rev. Christine Davie, BS, LC, Spencer, NY

The Rev. James Davie, LC, Spencer, NY

The Rev. Melanie Day, MS, LC, Columbus, OH

The Rev. Prioress Renee Hillrigel, RN, LC, Rohnert Park, CA

The Rev. Jessica Van Denend, PhD, LC, Hamden, CT

The Rev. Lawrence A. Whitney, MDiv, LC, Boston, MA

The Rev. Prior Scott Rensho Elliott, LC, Ashville, NC

The Rev. James Johnson, MS, LC, Munhall, PA

The Rev. Laura Beamer, DNP, LC, McHenry, IL

The Rt. Rev. Wilfredo Baez, PhD, LC, Binghamton, NY

The Rev. Jack Gillespie, LC, Norman, OK

The Rev. Amma Susan Carnahan Lewis, MA, LC, Ocean Grove, NJ

The Rev. Cynthia Rogers, DMin, LC,  Front Royal, VA

The Rev. Abba Christopher Haggerstone, BSc. LC, Whitby, North Yorks

The Rev. Prioress Sara Sorche Berry, PhD, LC, Boerne Texas.

The Rev. Prior Thomas Connelly, PhD, LC, Keene NH

The Rev. Tony Richardson-Eckes, MDiv, LC Pittsburgh, PA.

The Rev. Teri Christine Smith-Jones, JD, LC Lovettesville, VA

The Rev. Deacon Richard Close, DMin, LC Hastings, MN.

The Rev. Deacon Jessica Easter, Mdiv, LC, Chicago IL

The Rev. Deacon John Fiedler, LC, Austin TX