Reading for Holy Orders in the Lindisfarne Community

We have patterned clergy training in the Lindisfarne Community after the ancient practice of the “bishop’s” or “abbot’s” schools. In the early medieval period, before general education, universities and seminaries, leaders of Christian communities trained others for ministry to the diaconate and presbyterate/priesthood in a local setting.

We have renewed the vision which allows people to train within their local churches and to receive a high quality, academically demanding and professional instruction in ministry.

Required commitment is high and will be at least ten to fifteen hours each week for study and ministry beside regular work, family and devotional/church commitments.

Training for ordination requires eight 15 week semesters (Sep-Dec, Feb-June); six before ordination to the diaconate and two further for ordination to the priesthood. During the eight semesters reading will cover the main elements of Christian theology. We operate a “rolling program” policy and students may commence at the beginning of any semester.

Association of Professional Chaplains

In September 2010, The Lindisfarne Community was recognized by the Association of Professional Chaplains as an ordaining Institution. Clergy in the community may now apply for certification with the APC and apply for posts in institutions  that employ certified chaplains.

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Code of Ethics

The Lindisfarne Comunity clergy have agreed to the code of ethics of the Association of Professional Chaplains.

You can read it here.