The Rule of the Lindisfarne Community

In the Lindisfarne Community we seek to follow the way of the new monasticism as expressed in our Rule. 

Our Rule may be summarized as: “To love, to serve, to forgive.” 

Our community prayer is: “That I may be as Christ to those I meet; that I may find Christ within them.” 

We are committed to:

1. A balanced life of Prayer, Study, Work and Rest.

2. The Understandings of the Lindisfarne Community — to make them our own and to live according to them.

3. The Practices of the New Monasticism: 

• Eucharist. 
Eucharist as frequently as possible and usually not less than once each week.
• Daily Office. 
Daily prayer and Bible reading. (the Lindisfarne Community has its own edition of the Daily Office, based on the Anglican and Celtic traditions.)
• Meditation. 
Daily periods of personal meditation and stillness; resting in the presence of God. 
• Mindfulness. 
The practice of finding God in all things and being thankful; becoming aware of the creation as we live in the light of God over all and in all. 
• Study. 
Joining the head and the heart, seeing no conflict between a deep spirituality and academic pursuits. 
• Service. 
Service in the church or the world as a regular commitment. 

4. Soul Friendship. 

The Celtic idea of the anamchara. A Christian friend, lay or ordained, of maturity and wisdom, from within or without the Lindisfarne Community, to help guide spiritual life.