Prior Scott Elliott

Scott has been a professed member of the Lindisfarne Community since 2007 and was ordained to the priesthood in 2008. He is a life-long student of religion, spirituality, myth, health, and healing. Scott is a graduate of the NC School of Natural Healing, the University of the South Education for Ministry Program, and is currently completing his certification in Jungian-Based Spiritual Direction through the Haden Institute in Flat Rock, NC. Scott has also studied and practiced meditation in both the Tibetan and Zen Buddhist Traditions for more than 15 years. He has assisted many individuals cultivate a deeper, more empowering relationship to the divine through spiritual direction & meditation training and has led classes, workshops and retreats in Zen meditation and Christian Contemplative Prayer. He feels a special calling for assisting & providing spiritual direction to individuals recovering from trauma or who are participating in twelve-step recovery programs and loves introducing Christian communities to the practices of Zen Meditation and Mindfulness.


In his hometown of Asheville, NC, Scott has organized a mindful prayer and practice community called New Seeds Priory that integrates Christian contemplative practice and the observance of the Daily Offices with Buddhist practices of meditation and mindfulness. More about Scott and New Seeds Priory can be found on his web-site, New Seeds at: