The Community Habit

The wearing of a "habit" by those committed to the monastic way can be traced as early as the fourth century. John Cassian in The Institutes devotes the first book to "The Garb of the Monks"; chapter 55 of the Rule of St. Benedict covers the same ground.

In the early church when new converts were baptized they received a new "white robe," symbolic of their new life in Christ.

The community habit may be worn by noviced and professed within the Lindisfarne Community for personal prayer and meditation or for the liturgy when appropriate. For novices, it is a simple flax cassock/alb with a white rope cincture knotted three times. The three knots variously signify: the Holy Trinity; prayer, work and study; love, service and forgiveness. For professed, a brown hooded scapular may be worn. The rope cincture is black.

The cassock/alb and cincture may be purchased from a number of church suppliers. We suggest Gaspard. The hooded scapular is made to order by a member of the community.

Members may purchase through Lindisfarne to receive the blessing of the Abbot, Abbess and community at Lindisfarne at our Sunday Eucharist. To purchase through the Community contact us.